Monday, December 10, 2007

Outsourcing: Role of Consultants

Outsourcing of services has acquired a new dimension in the present globalised economy, offering immense benefit in terms of quality and cost effectiveness.

Considering the vast potential of engineering and management consultancy profession there is an urgency to enhance professionalism and competitiveness of Indian consultants to enable them to seize the emerging global opportunities.

Outsourcing is a management strategy by which an organization delegates major, non-core functions to specialized and efficient service providers. Offshore Outsourcing of Business Processes in the burgeoning industry of IT and ITES is growing at a blazing rate.

Consultants specialized in the disciplines of outsourcing can add significant value to an outsourcing transaction. Consultants play significant role both at the macro and micro level of outsourcing firm. At the macro level, consultants can provide value by identifying opportunities for outsourcing and structuring a program for consistently generating appropriate opportunities.

The consultant might identify not only the opportunities for outsourcing of existing business infrastructure, but also most strategic opportunities for the future evolution of the company. At the micro level, consultants can provide value by identifying specific individual tactics that promote their client's interest.

Such tactics may include pricing, identifying the degree of specialization, service levels, RFP development, identification, evaluation and selection of suitable vendors, facilitation of the negotiations and the transition. Over time, consultants can help review of actual performance against contractual performance and can provide assistance in fine-tuning or other adjustments to reflect un anticipated changes in business environment, corporate goals, management, organization structure and the like.

In achieving these objectives for the firm, the role of the consultants may vary as the need change. Consultants need to be facilitative in bringing methodologies and local knowledge with them. They can contribute by filling gaps in the team and generating enough information for customers to know what needs to be done if they go offshore.

They can provide expert knowledge of performance levels and best practices of similar organizations and processes. For outsourcing, consultants can behave as a one-stop shop for entire project management.

The theme of the Tenth Consultancy Congress “Outsourcing: Role of Consultants” is extremely pertinent in this new economy. The Congress will provide a platform for interaction between the various stakeholders with the aim to achieve a better understanding of the issues involved in client-consultant relationship for achieving organizational objectives of world class productivity through outsourcing of engineering and management services to consultants and experts.We look forward to your participation for the success of the Congress



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